Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fillmore - A Special Grean Sea Turtle Visiting Cocos Island

Jim Toomey Creation, Fillmore, Draws Attention to Tagging Program
Fillmore is a green sea turtle quipped with a Mark 10 satellite tag that shows his global position. These tags are extremely high tech: costing $5,000, they can last for over a year of continuous submersion! 
Fillmore is adventuring at Cocos Island National Park and his tag will show his swimpath around the island! 

Jim Toomey, the author of Sherman's Lagoon cartoon, is working closely with the Sea Turtle Restoration Project using his popular character Fillmore to illustrate the sea turtle's Cocos Island travels.

Currently, Filmore is swimming south and is nearing the 12 mile border of the Cocos Island protected area.  There he will encounter a deadly danger zone full of longline fishing hooks.

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