Friday, October 7, 2011

Cocos Island: Photo Essay: Hooks and Gacillas IV - William Henriques

Thanks to the help of Sea Save's Jay Ireland, I finally have the ability to upload photos.
A blog reader kindly donated two pairs of wire cutters after reading about the process of sorting out hooks and gacillas, expediting the process immensely.

Guillermo has done the work of an entire morning (with the old method) in an hour and a half thanks to these new wire cutters. At this rate, the backlog of hooks and gacillas should be vanquished by the end of next week, at the very latest.

The nest of hooks in the second barrel.

The riverside workshop

Daniella is sorting the lines severed from their hooks. Steel wire in one crate, plastic line in the other.


Paul Crooks said...

this work should be carried out by those convicted using the old method !

Paul Crooks said...

this should be carried out by convicted fishermen, using the old method.
Thank You Guillermo, Daniella, Sea Save and the blogger who donated the side cutters.