Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cocos Island: Alternate Uses for Fishing Gear - William Henriques

The funcionarios at the Wafer Bay Station have found many uses for confiscated fishing equipment:
This hammock is woven entirely of the plastic lines hauled from the water.

A path-side lamp has been crafted out of sections of buoy

Buoy converted into a hanging pot (hung with gacillas)

All clothes lines are strung with fishing line - durable and long-lasting

The pièce de résistance is the bridge that spans the river along the path to the hydroelectric station, and further up, the dam. It's constructed from buoys and fishing line, and is the island's "own little Golden Gate," as one funcionario put it.

Also in the Cocos Island news today: Two more fishing boats encountered by this morning's patrol. That brings this weeks total up to eight fishing boats caught within the boundaries of the park.


Mike said...

I have gotten used to the daily posts and a break in the action....well, it leaves me a little hungry for island news. This has been an incredibly engaging blog to follow. I feel invested in the Cocos Island even though it is highly unlikely I will ever get there. I feel motivated to try - in some small way - to make a difference. Hats off to the Sea Save Foundation and your work, Will. I will be very sorry when your volunteer time comes to an end.

Marti said...

Hi, I am a friend of Gail who put me on to your blog. I am enjoying it and seeing your pictures. I too am blogging but not to the professionalism you are. A very nice site.
It frustrates me to read some of the parts as I am sure it does you too.
Good luck in your endeavors. Marti talbot