Thursday, June 16, 2011

All Aboard! Introducing the newest addition to Sea Save, Nicole DeRosa

Aloha fellow Sea Savers!

My name is Nicole DeRosa, and I just wanted to drop by our blog to say hello and introduce myself. : )

I am super excited being apart of the Sea Save family and could not be happier, teaming up with some pretty amazing people like Georgienne Bradley, Jay Ireland and all of our amazing volunteers. I am blown away by their passion, dedication and talent.

I can't wait to get up every morning, drive along Pacific Coast Highway, windows rolled down, music playing, salt water misting through the air, surfers unloading their cars ready to glide on morning waves. I feel very lucky to be able to live so close to the ocean and feel it's strength, it's ebb and flow, and especially seeing the amazing creatures that pop their heads and fins out to say hello gives me so much joy and leaves a permanent smile on my face every day. : )

I feel very fortunate to be able to help give our ocean friends a voice and also be an echo for the Ocean as well, as it too needs our help just the same.

Sea Save is currently developing lots of fun and exciting projects. We will be relaunching our new website soon and working on a super awesomely bombastic photo database with mind blowing pictures of Miss. Georgienne and other divers doing research from their expeditions all over the world. We have some more cool media productions and can't wait to tell you more as things come together.

Today, we have been feverishly working on editing some videos that we will be uploading shortly on why we think you should support AB-376 the ban of shark finning here in California. This is a ridiculous practice and I think the videos you will see....and may have already seen documenting this most inhumane practice will support your decision on helping to give our shark friends a voice.

Sharks can be scary, but more often then not they are just doing their thing, cruising the waters and all of a sudden there are poachers who, take their shiny knives to their fins, sometimes, as the sharks are still alive and cut off their fins and tails for the uber ridiculously pricey, shark fin soup. I just discovered how much of a big business this is and how out of control it has become. It is really sad and troubling to me.

Most environmentalists and many Asian-Americans would tell you, healthy oceans need a thriving shark population. More than 70 million sharks are killed every year through finning, a brutal process where fishermen slice off the fish's fins and tails, then throw them back into the water to bleed, starve, or suffocate to death. More than one-third of shark species are currently threatened with extinction. Not only does finning and the demand for shark fin soup decrease
shark populations, it threatens to throw entire ecosystems out of whack. Sharks are apex predators that sit at the top of oceanic food chains - decrease their populations too significantly and the entire ecosystem can crumble. The health of oceans and sharks themselves hinges on the passage of AB 376. In the coming days we will keep you posted on where the bill is at with the Senate so you can be more informed and how you can use your voice to help!

It's almost sunset so I am going to take off, but I'm looking forward to interacting and blogging with all of you who follow us and wish to be part of the Sea Save family!

Best Fishes!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sea Save... I look forward to your updates and exciting new's. Thank you for your help as well !