Thursday, June 30, 2011

Send us your old cellphones and ink cartridges!

Hey there fellow Sea Savers!

Want to help Sea Save Foundation continue it's efforts to help support AB 376, to bill to help ban shark finning in California?

We are not asking you to reach into your pockets just your junk drawer or dust off an old box where your old and unused cell phones and ink cartridges are living a sad and lonely existence.

You probably got your new snazzy iPhone and tossed that old and what you deemed, "so 2010" phone into a box or drawer.

We will be re-posting this message throughout the year to remind you where you can help support our efforts and send these unused and unwanted phones & cartridges.

Send to:
Sea Save Foundation
22631 Pacific Coast Highway #110 
Malibu, California 90265

Thank you!
Sea Save Foundation

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portion of Interview from Anonymous Member of California Senate Staff

"Shark fins caught from other countries come via California to Hong Kong. This bill would shut that down.  I believe that this impact will be even greater that just the shutting down than the actual California retail sales.

This was an unusual hearing.  Every committee member made a statement about the bill. Each weighed in with their support or concern.  Many members felt that if this bill does not have a significant wide reaching impact it was not worth risking the appearance that we are insensitive to the culture of a segment of  our population.

If passing the bill will have an impact, then more people will vote for the bill. We need to convince committee members that this will cause a major impact to the global shark market.

The other primary concern is the issue of exemption allowance.  Currently, you can possess a shark fin if you are a licensed fisherman and you caught that shark yourself.  There was concern that not allowing that fisherman to sell this fin, would be unfair. 

Honestly, there are relatively few sharks legally caught in the United State for the fin trade. So this debate may be mute, since the numbers are insignificant. 

How to resolve this conflict is difficult.  Opponents and supporters alike, will say this will be difficult to control.  It undermines the general conservation basis of this bill.  If you allow any finning, you open up the flow of legal and illegal fins to the global market. Putting an unreasonable stress on shark populations. 

So, if opponents  want some exemptions, and we could establish a chain of command, how could we figure out where a specific shark fin came from?  Supporters of this bill do not want to allow for exemptions or amendments because this loophole would be too large and too costly to be practical.

As a state this means our Fish and Game would have to have an international presence to make sure that a fin was properly tagged wherever it was caught. The entire process is cumbersome as it changes hands and this tag could get tampered or altered with.

There is no fee in this bill, so there is no way our Fish and Game Department can afford to take on this extra and daunting obligation.  They are underfunded and there is no way this can happen.

Any amendment will have to be okayed by the author’s office and I do not think that will happen, nor do I think there is any reason why it should.  People need to raise concerns about potential amendments. 

The author almost always has the ability to say “yes” or “no” on an amendment. Now if they will not incorporate an amendment, the committee could decide not to vote for a bill.. So there is often negotiation here.

As for the next step, Appropriations, and I am pretty sure it will need to go to Appropriations due to the cost of policing this bill… . The chair of Appropriates sits on the Natural Resources Committee and she gave a pretty strong statement in the last hearing that she was going to support the bill…."

Reported to

Georgienne Bradley
Sea Save Foundation

Monday, June 27, 2011

SCUBA Diving Magazine "Trashed" by Georgienne Bradley

Cali"Fin"Negation - Let's pass AB-376. No Shark Fins in California!

Just a quick update about California bill AB-376. The bill has successfully passed through the assembly and now is in the California State Senate. The bill is in the Natural Resources and Water Committee and the buzz is that there are supporters and opponents hashing it out.
Members of the senate committee will vote tomorrow to see if the bill proceeds to the next level.
Usually the next level would mean moving to the Appropriations Committee where the financial impact of the bill would be accessed. While this cannot be confirmed, until after the bill has been completely discussed in the Natural Resources and Water Committee, the financial ramifications of this law will be so minimal that it may skip this committee requirement altogether.

It will then proceed to the entire senate where it will wait a scheduled date for possible debate, discussion and a final senate vote.
Please check our Facebook Cali"Fin"Negation Project Page to learn what you can do to help make sure this bill passes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All Aboard! Introducing the newest addition to Sea Save, Nicole DeRosa

Aloha fellow Sea Savers!

My name is Nicole DeRosa, and I just wanted to drop by our blog to say hello and introduce myself. : )

I am super excited being apart of the Sea Save family and could not be happier, teaming up with some pretty amazing people like Georgienne Bradley, Jay Ireland and all of our amazing volunteers. I am blown away by their passion, dedication and talent.

I can't wait to get up every morning, drive along Pacific Coast Highway, windows rolled down, music playing, salt water misting through the air, surfers unloading their cars ready to glide on morning waves. I feel very lucky to be able to live so close to the ocean and feel it's strength, it's ebb and flow, and especially seeing the amazing creatures that pop their heads and fins out to say hello gives me so much joy and leaves a permanent smile on my face every day. : )

I feel very fortunate to be able to help give our ocean friends a voice and also be an echo for the Ocean as well, as it too needs our help just the same.

Sea Save is currently developing lots of fun and exciting projects. We will be relaunching our new website soon and working on a super awesomely bombastic photo database with mind blowing pictures of Miss. Georgienne and other divers doing research from their expeditions all over the world. We have some more cool media productions and can't wait to tell you more as things come together.

Today, we have been feverishly working on editing some videos that we will be uploading shortly on why we think you should support AB-376 the ban of shark finning here in California. This is a ridiculous practice and I think the videos you will see....and may have already seen documenting this most inhumane practice will support your decision on helping to give our shark friends a voice.

Sharks can be scary, but more often then not they are just doing their thing, cruising the waters and all of a sudden there are poachers who, take their shiny knives to their fins, sometimes, as the sharks are still alive and cut off their fins and tails for the uber ridiculously pricey, shark fin soup. I just discovered how much of a big business this is and how out of control it has become. It is really sad and troubling to me.

Most environmentalists and many Asian-Americans would tell you, healthy oceans need a thriving shark population. More than 70 million sharks are killed every year through finning, a brutal process where fishermen slice off the fish's fins and tails, then throw them back into the water to bleed, starve, or suffocate to death. More than one-third of shark species are currently threatened with extinction. Not only does finning and the demand for shark fin soup decrease
shark populations, it threatens to throw entire ecosystems out of whack. Sharks are apex predators that sit at the top of oceanic food chains - decrease their populations too significantly and the entire ecosystem can crumble. The health of oceans and sharks themselves hinges on the passage of AB 376. In the coming days we will keep you posted on where the bill is at with the Senate so you can be more informed and how you can use your voice to help!

It's almost sunset so I am going to take off, but I'm looking forward to interacting and blogging with all of you who follow us and wish to be part of the Sea Save family!

Best Fishes!