Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Power of Friendship

Can you recall the last time you and a handful of friends discussed how you would, if you could, change something about the world? It was around your coffee table, over a beer, after a thanksgiving meal. Hear your friends getting passionate and optimistic about the future. Can you hear them?

We do. Looking around our tiny working space we see hard working, passionate volunteers. Not paid employees, not big-wig executives, but our friends. If we could pay them, we would, if we did, they’d probably refuse. We call this our philanthropic experiment. Our working hypothesis: can a small group of empowered friends make a large difference for the future viability of the ocean. Our methods: Expand our friendship circle out to embrace more and more like-minded ocean and wildlife lovers. The results of the experiment are looking bright. By embracing fellow Care2 friends, we have made huge headways. We now are faced with one more challenge to success…getting out the vote between now and Friday. You can make this experiment work. Here’s how…

Here is a step-by-step guide for how to vote:

1. Log on to Facebook and follow this link:

2. Facebook will then ask you if you want to “Allow” this application on your homepage. Click “Allow.” Keep in mind, you can always remove this access immediately after voting.

3. You will then be prompted to the Imaging Foundation Community Giving page.

4. Click the “Become a Fan of this Page” button

5. Once you are a fan, click “VOTE FOR CHARITY”

Use the tools provided at the bottom of the voting page (“Tweet This,” “Post to Wall,” and “Invite a Friend”) to help spread the word!

Who are your contacts? Be creative! Without an extended team, we will have a hard time winning this event. A few examples: Co-workers, fraternity/sorority, book clubs, address book, dive clubs, activities, listservs. How do you contact them? Some ideas: send private messages, send an email blast, a mass text, post on forums, see who’s on IM, tweet, make a phone call, do whatever you can to reach as many of your contacts as possible! Most importantly, have fun and be creative!

If you can join our efforts between January 15-22, please send an email to with the subject line <> and we will forward you instructions about how you can spread the word.

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