Sunday, November 8, 2009

Each second 3 sharks get killed by men!

Sharks can not longer compensate the losses which experience them in all their habitats. Many kinds of sharks are threatened, some apply already today as biological extinct! Particularly from China, where the need of luxury goods and status symbols strongly increased with the introduction of the free market, threatens now the final out for the sharks. If, according to newest studies, the Chinese economy and the associated prosperity should continue equally, in approx. 5 years about 250 million Chinese will be financially able to afford shark fin soup regularly. The fishery and the world-wide operating shark fin dealers get already prepared to supply them "on time". This time might be the definitive end for the sharks! Of course it's the right of everybody to eat whatever he wants. But it is also the right of our next generation to see and discover these animals where they belong to and not just knowing them from books or television.

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