Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take Action to Help Sharks!

Please help the Australian Marine conservation society to protect their World Heritage sharks:The fishery at the heart of our World Heritage Shark Campaign is the Queensland East Coast Inshore Finfish Fishery. During 2000-2004 shark fishing in Queensland increased four-fold. This fishery peaked at around 1400 tonnes (...about 175,000 sharks) per year, but has more recently caught around 900 tonnes of shark a year (about 112,000 sharks). The drop is thought to be caused by a decline in shark populations - however the management regime of this fishery is so poor that the cause cannot be confirmed. AMCS and our supporters are outraged that in an age where shark populations are collapsing around the globe, our own governments allow our World Heritage sharks to be killed, in part to service the international trade in shark fin.
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