Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fifteen Inch Whale Shark Rescued in Philippines

Whale sharks can grow to lengths of 60 feet. They are the largest fish in the ocean, yet we know little about their mating rituals and birthing process. These large fish are being slaughtered by the hundreds as they simultaneously sit on the CITES threatened species list.

We are trying to bring attention to these and to other shark species around the world. We need to call for a moratorium on Shark Fin Soup and other needless shark products.

This week an astute tourism operator pulled together a government team in the Philippines. He had found a small whale shark… approximately 15 inches in length being sold off the coast of Luzon. Luckily the fisherman intended to sell the fish while alive. All that was visible from the shore was a stick stuck in the sand and an attached string that was tied around the fish’s tail.

If we are killing 15 inch whale sharks, we are in deep trouble. We do not know about their natural history, yet we are killing off the newborns. Let’s spread awareness before it is too late.

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