Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hammerhead Shark Atrocities
Smaller and Smaller - Uncovered
by Min Poh

Smaller and Smaller sharks are harvested for fin soup as we deplete our ocean resources.  This image was shot in 2007 in Sandakan Market, a small town located on the Malaysian portion of Borneo.  It shows a newborn Hammerhead Shark (see size in proportion to hand).

Hammerhead Shark Profile:  Hammerheads mostly feed on stingrays along the ocean floor.
Fast Facts:  Hammerheads live 20-30 years in the wild;  Grow to 13'-20' in length;  Have a gestation period of 10-12 months.  Because the pups are born in coastal waters they are vulnerable to human fishing and other predators.

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