Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finding the Truth - Cocos Island

Sharks, marble rays, dolphin, turtle... These are some of the wonderful creatures divers dreams of seeing during every dive. Never would a diver ever dream of seeing ALL of these animals in one place... On a longliine... Dead.

Right now there are reports of pregnant sharks found on these longlines as well as\ other megafauna at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The illegal fishing is increasing, as the ocean's apex predators are decreasing. These reports are disheartening, hence we are taking matters into our own hands.

"We cannot stop this activity,unless we can show local people the beauty and importnce of an intact Cocos ecosystem. We also need to provide viable economic alternatives." says Georgienne Bradley, Imaging Foundation's executive director. The Imaging Foundation is packing up and leaving for Cocos Island tomorrow. The team is eager to get in the water to witness first hand what is going on.

Stay tuned as IF reports their findings. . We believe knowledge is power and power comes in numbers; so tell your friends about our story and check back often!

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