Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey everyone!
This week we began our full focus on our ETIC Project. We took account of what we wanted to accomplish and jumped in with both feet. We are well on our way with divebuddy, with over 760 new friends! Divebuddy is an online community of divers, making this site extremely important to us since these are the people who too are passionate about the ocean and marine life! Today we will continue these efforts and update our information blogs. Right now we are looking into setting up a live webcam of the Pacific Ocean! We are also working on an interactive tool so our members can TAKE ACTION!
-Haley M

Monday, July 14, 2008

Imaging Foundation Broadcasting Now!


I am Kelsey Anne, one of the students who recently attended the Imaging Foundation's Kona Scholar's Expedition. The trip was fantastic! We produced a few videos about ocean life as well as fun stuff to show that the ocean is not a scary place. These productions are being uploaded to the Imaging Foundation YouTube Channel. Log on and check us out: .Subscribe so you are notified on all new videos! We all love hearing from people who like what we are doing so PLEASE leave a comment on our videos as well!

-Kelsey Anne

Friday, July 11, 2008

Your Chance to Help the Sharks!

The Shark Conservation Act of 2008 was adopted by U.S. House! Please take action and help the sharks by contacting your local senator and asking him or her to vote for this essential bill in the Senate! This Act will help stop fining which is decimating shark population¢s. If this Act passes in the U.S. other nations will be encouraged to take on similar programs. Also, the cost of implementation is estimated to be less than $1 per American over a 5 year period (2009-2013)! What a low price for such an important bill! The sharks need your help, please write to your senator!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

IF Insider Update

I really miss everyone from Hawaii. Right now, I am communicating with Jay(Monterey), Ana (Washington State) and Haley (Long Beach, New Jersey). It is wonderful to have all these wonderful volunteers and to be able to come together via the Internet and work together without needing to drive and use gasoline. We live in an amazing time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Imaging Foundation Office Update

Let us know what you want to hear. Today is Ana Martin's first full time day. She will be working for IF for the next four months courtesy of Wells Fargo Bank. Welcome Ana. Kelsey is completing her second summer working for IF. We are currently working on completing and uploading the Kona presentations.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Costa Rican Government Effort to Thwart Shark Finners


(June 26, 2008 – San José, Costa Rica).
The Permanent Special Environment Commission of Costa Rica's Congress issued a report yesterday titled: Investigation on Shark Finning in Costa Rica, File N°16.890
In the Report, the Commission points out that the use of private docks for the landing of shark products by foreign fleets is legally inadmissible, a key issue for marine conservation and fisheries management, and recommends the immediate closure of these illegal landing sites.

We are very satisfied with the Report of the Permanent Special Environment Commission", commented Randall Arauz, President of PRETOMA, a Costa Rican NGO that has led a battle against shark finning since 2001. "As we have denounced over and over again, the use of private docks for the landing of shark products by foreign fleets is illegal, and it is the main legal loophole used by foreign fleets to circumvent shark finning regulations", added Arauz.

"The Costa Rican Fisheries Institute, the Direction of Customs and the Ministry of Public Transportations have all claimed over and over again, that due to the lack of public docks they are in the capacity of legally authorizing the use of private docks by the foreign fleet", informed Jorge Ballestero, of PRETOMA. "However, the Costa Rican Congress has just confirmed what we have known for years, and it's that neither Customs nor any other public entity is in the legal capacity of authorizing their use", clarified Ballestero.

"In spite of the good news, we still can't celebrate", declared a cautious Miguel Gómez, Campaign Coordinator of PRETOMA. "Since January of 2006, the Constitutional Court ordered the aforementioned institutions to halt all landings at private docks that were not provided with public installations, an order that was seconded by the Comptrollership's Court a year later, but they still fail to abide by the rulings. Will they finally abide this time?" Gómez asked himself.